Archaeology of Ukraine: Mammoth hunters #1

Cycle “Archaeology of Ukraine” continues the story of the achievements of Ukrainian archaeologists. Now we go to Mezhyrich village, Cherkasy region. Here scientists continue excavation of one of the biggest sites of mammoth hunters in Europe.

Who were the ancient inhabitants of Ukrainian lands in the last glacier period, which was their life in that era? What is the process of excavation of one of the most unique archaeological site of Ukraine?

Archaeology of Ukraine #1.

Archaeology of Ukraine #1. Underground Sophia Cathedral. The real archeology – what is it and why.

In the first film of the Archaeology of Ukraine cycle you’ll learn:

  • The real archeology – what is it and why.
  • How archaeologists know where to dig?
  • What is the cultural layer?
  • What cultural layers are in Kiev and what they say about .

And most importantly – the archaeological research of Sophia Cathedral and St. Irene lost temple. New features of legendary cities of Vladimir and Yaroslav times.

Special thanks to: Bobrovsky Timur and Synytsia Evgen.

Archaeology of Ukraine: Mammoth hunters #2

Thanks to the discoveries of archaeologists we’ll try to reconstruct the weapons which mammoth hunters used. Also you will find:

  • Reconstruction of hunting methods in the footsteps of ancient mammoth hunters;
  • Culture and hunting techniques;
  • Modern analogs and what they tell us.

Археологія України: Мисливці на мамонтів #3

У заключній частині фільму “Мисливці на мамонтів” ми відповімо на питання:

  • Як виглядали та будувались житла прадавніх мисливців нинішньої Черкащини?
  • Пам’ятка світового масштабу – катастрофічний стан та способи порятунку.
  • Межиріч – край з феноменальним науковим та туристичним потенціалом.