The first European peopling: migration routes and behaviour

Multilayer Palaeolithic Korolevo site (Transcarpathia, Ukraine): Through Time, Cultural Traditions and Technologies

Strategies of Neanderthal occupations from the MIS 5 to 3 at the Abri du Maras (South-East France)

Upper Palaeolithic Complexes in Eastern Europe: hunting strategy and lithic technology

On the contact of two worlds: eastern borders of the Magdalenian complex

Zooarchaeological methods: reconstitute relationships between Palaeolithic humans and other mammals

Mammoth hunters of Dnieper basin. Human-environmental interaction in the end of the last glaciation

Living on the edge. Late Palaeolithic communities on the North European Plain

Crossing bridges, from Mesolithic to new horizons: identifying changes in the Tagus rock art tradition

Tracing human mobility and migration in the Holocene

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