Cultural Heritage and the War

Despite all the obstacles, the Center for Paleoethnological Research together with the Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies managed to print the “hard version” of our Almanac. VITA ANTIQUA, No. 14 is devoted to a painful and relevant topic – “Cultural Heritage and the War : challenges and solutions”.

The annual almanac considers the problems of protection and preservation of cultural heritage during the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. The publication focuses on the destruction of the historical environment and archaeological objects in particular. Broad analogies are drawn with the preservation of cultural monuments during previous conflicts – during the Second World War and the conflict in the Balkans. The articles are devoted to the issues of the destruction of archaeological sites and the functioning of university museums during the Russian invasion, the fate of archaeological collections and monuments during the wars in Europe. Current issues of anthropology and archaeology are considered in a separate section.

The editors and compilers of the issue are Pavlo Shydlovskyi and Oleksandra Ivanova. At the same time, representatives of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine joined the editorial board of the issue: Alla Bujskikh, Serhii Telizhenko and Vsevolod Ivakin. Anastasia Avad was the technical editor.

It should be noted that part of the articles in this issue are the published materials of the international seminar “Protection and preservation of the archaeological heritage of Ukraine”, which was held in two stages (November 23, December 2) in connection with the large-scale missile attack on Kyiv and the subsequent blackout.  .

The publication was carried out within the framework of the Center for Paleoethnological Research project “Archaeological Landscapes Monitoring — presentation of activities and results” with the support of a scholarship under the Goethe-Institut programme for emergency assistance to Ukrainian cultural figures.  .

The proposed collection will be useful for everyone who cares about the preservation of the cultural heritage and specialists in the field of studying and preserving monuments – preservationists, archaeologists, historians, museum workers, site-protectionists, and students of higher education.

GI_Logo_horizontal_green_sRGBThe publication was carried out with the support of the Center for Palaeoethnological Research project “Archaeological Landscapes Monitoring – presentation of activities and result”; whitin the framework of a scholarship under the Guete-institut programme for emergency asistance to Ukrainian culture figures.