This summer, a group of students of History Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv took part in an international archaeological expedition by the invitation of the National Museum of History of Moldova, the campaign was led by Dr Andreea Terna. The expedition was attended by participants from Germany, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.  The research took place at the settlement of Stolniceni, in Northern Moldova and was devoted to the culture of Trypillia-Cucuteni (first half of the 4th millennium BCE). Participants from Ukraine were represented by students majoring in archeology (Claudia Sharapova and Kateryna Shevchenko) and American studies and European studies (Anastasia Diachenko and Yegor Uyazdovsky), as well as graduates of the faculty Nikita Ivanov (PhD student of NU Kyiv-Mohyla Academy) and Yevhenii Sliesariev (researcher of Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel).

The site has been excavated in the frame of the project of the University of Kiel (Germany) since 2016.  Our students were involved in the artifacts’ processing of 2017-2019, and had the opportunity to know better the ceramics decor common in this area.  Part of the work devoted to restoration of utensils was also carried out.  The expedition also included paleobotanists, archaeozoologists and specialists in the study of lithic industries; therefore, students were also able to make themselves familiar with the full cycle of post-excavations’ materials processing.

You can also read the article about the expedition here:

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