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In the vortex of events, the team of the Center for Palaeoethnological Research continues its scientific and publishing activities. This year’s issue of Vita Antiqua is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Fedor Vovk, but with a changed title – ANTHROPOLOGY OF WAR.

This topic covers such fields:

  • Military conflicts in prehistoric societies
  • Archaeological evidences of ancient military conflicts (weaponry and equipment, burials and cemeteries, fortifications, battlefields and shipwrecks)
  • Transformation of war: from the most ancient military conflicts to the present
  • Destroyed museums and lost collections
  • Cultural heritage in wartime: risks and challenges
  • Environmental consequences of military conflicts and Energy Transition issues
  • Animals at war according to archaeological and historical data
  • Military traditions and psychology of war

The volume will be published in English and Ukrainian in online and printed versions by the Center for Paleoethnological Research in VITA ANTIQUA series, 2022:

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08_Salwan-Georges_Mykolai-v_15.03Photo: Salwan Georges для the Washington Post

The rocket which fell in the territory of a zoo in Mykolaiv is exhibited in this museum.