3D History for Ukraine

3D History for Ukraine is an initiative of our colleagues to safeguard Ukrainian heritage in response to cruel and unjust aggression caused by the invasion of the russian army.
Thousands of unique artifacts are threatened to be destroyed in Ukraine everyday. Therefore, we are at constant risk of losing the unique data on our past forever due to the low level of cultural heritage digitization. Our team created this project to prevent cultural losses.
We’ve curated a line-up of unbelievable speakers,who will open the pages of the world’s past to everybody interested. On 24-25.09, they will be live-streaming the topics they are inspired with.
We call on everyone to join us on this live stream event, immerse yourself in history and donate what you can. 100% of your donations will go to new equipment, applied to digitize and record Ukrainian heritage to prevent its irreversible loss and to help present the world with more of the uniqueness and beauty of Ukrainian culture.
Let’s do it together!